Cat Out of Bag

Letting the cat out of the bag


Welcome to my brand new blog

As Malaysia heads towards the next general elections, I find myself in a privileged position to, well,  let the cat out of the bag when it comes to the political comings and goings of Putrajaya and those hoping to get control of our country’s seat of power.

This will be a no-frills site lah, macam AirAsia…after all you just want to know what’s happening right?

Who am I?

I am the civil servant in Putrajaya, the consultant in PMO, the fly on the wall everywhere…you did not really think I would tell you who I am right?

Sure my anonymous nature would lead you to suspect my motives and the truth of my exposes, but I will let you judge for yourself the credibility of my posts.

This is not a blog to attack any one in particular. But I just thought Malaysians should get to know a bit about what is happening behind the scenes politically lah.

You don’t really think reading The Star, Utusan or even Insider or Kini would be enough right?

Anyway watch this space for my first revelation.