Letting the cat out of the bag

Welcome to my brand new blog catoutofbag.wordpress.com.

As Malaysia heads towards the next general elections, I find myself in a privileged position to, well,  let the cat out of the bag when it comes to the political comings and goings of Putrajaya and those hoping to get control of our country’s seat of power.

This will be a no-frills site lah, macam AirAsia…after all you just want to know what’s happening right?

Who am I?

I am the civil servant in Putrajaya, the consultant in PMO, the fly on the wall everywhere…you did not really think I would tell you who I am right?

Sure my anonymous nature would lead you to suspect my motives and the truth of my exposes, but I will let you judge for yourself the credibility of my posts.

This is not a blog to attack any one in particular. But I just thought Malaysians should get to know a bit about what is happening behind the scenes politically lah.

You don’t really think reading The Star, Utusan or even Insider or Kini would be enough right?

Anyway watch this space for my first revelation.

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3 Responses to Letting the cat out of the bag

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  2. CHAIRMAN KAGA says:


  3. Hi, would be glad if you could comment on this article. Would like to actually hear from someone from the inner-circle:

    Lately there are so many things that needed to be done. Hopefully things will work out but again I am in doubt. Why? I see Slingshot hands moving again. This is very dangerous.

    Slingshot is by nature a shadow that moves silently and waits for the kill. But now Slingshot is moving openly. I believe Slingshot knows that the grand finale got to be executed now or be lost forever.

    Slingshot uses politic as a playing field to get things done. Money is not the problem. In fact after this finale, the whole country – Malaysia legally belongs to Slingshot alone. Not this Malay or Mamak Malay or UMNO or Perkasa or whatever donkey party.

    It started with Penang and it lasted for a few years. Slingshot was calling the shots and then DAP had to spoil everything. But opportunity came again in Malacca. A couple years down the road Slingshot became bored and started searching again.

    Today Najib and Rosmah are desperate to remain as Prime Ministers. So they have come to an understanding with Slingshot.

    So to all the Malaysians and UMNO bastards, Najib and Rosmah are now officially the PUPPETS dancing to the tune of Slingshot.

    So what will the out come for the 13th General Election be?
    If I win the lottery today I will take my family and leave this country with only the clothes on our backs.

    Come December 2011, Malaysians will witness the most respected and honest Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah (Kedah) elected twice as Yang di-Pertuan Agong. He was the 5th Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and soon will be the 14th.

    Due to old age and health, Sultan Abdul Halim will not be able to complete his term as the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.

    This will pave the way for Sultan Muhammad V (Kelantan) to sit in as Deputy King and later as Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.

    This is what UMNO elite and Slingshot in particular dread. Sultan Abdul Halim is too honest to make any deal in return for projects and cash. Sultan Muhammad V has a peculiar mind and character that Slingshot in particular dislike and feel can be a threat to his oil and gas companies in Kelantan shore.

    As precaution Slingshot is placing his next of kin to be buddy with Sultan Muhammad V and will tahan with Sultan Abdul Halim knowing his term is short.

    So in the meantime the Sungei Besi and Cochrane land are proving that there is no buzz from the opposition and public. KTM land already exchanged off. The printing of more monopoly money in Bank Negara is also going well. PLUS toll is taken care of. EPF money all audited and use up for the next fifteen years. Bakun Dam settled. MRT already inked. Sabah and Sarawak already inside pocket, Anwar consider dead duck, Selangor with the help of the Royal Household will return to the hands of UMNO. Kedah, Sultan Abdul Halim must die before 13th General Election then it will go back to UMNO. Tajuddin and MAS already selesai. Now the next target is to get rid of Kutty and Muyi then it is home run. Kutty’s son is a dope so Slingshot just has to fart and oops he disappears at sight. Isn’t Rosmah a specialist on that?
    But is everything as simple as that. Since the merger of AA and MAS was announced it has rain continuously. I take it as a sign of sadness. But what do Malaysians feel?

    People would say, so what? Others say, too late while the rest says die-lah!

    When one person is allowed to blackmail the sitting Premier and his wife and use our money to control the economy of this country. Profit Slingshot takes, losses the people pay, there is the danger of becoming A DICTATOR IN MODERN TIME. If you think Slingshot is bad, the son is equally crazy and mad. Since he is not a Malaysian by birth he treats this country as a fun resort. The wives are crazy for money and are fighting to be Lady Macbeth.

    Slingshot uses other people’s money to gamble in stock market and business. In his gamble for more wealth, he ignores people’s feeling. Once his appetite is full, he drops everything and goes looking for another venture. Friendship is mere excuse to get things done. His excuse for his behaviour is his past. Now he uses money to buy people like goods. Those who left PKR are now working for him.

    There will be no reform for the 13th General Election. To reform is like asking Slingshot to openly release all the evidences he has kept overseas to blackmail the UMNO past and present Premier

    Where do we go from here?

    by Dian Abdullah

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